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Art exhibitions in the next few months - the visitor viewpoint.

Art exhibitions are opening up again. For most artists, it is a huge relief to be able to get back to such an important part of the way they share their art – not to mention earn their living or cover their costs as an artist. It has taken a great deal of work to make sure that their exhibitions are as ‘Covid secure’ as possible and that means there will be some changes for all of us as we adjust to the ‘new normal’. But there are also big question marks in everyone’s minds:

‘Will people want to visit them’

‘How can I make people feel safe AND welcome?’

‘Who will be willing to support Art in these difficult times?’

At a recent Living from Art training event, we tried to put ourselves in the shoes/or the mindset of our customers. What would encourage us to go along to an exhibition? What might put us off? This was a great activity, and led to some excellent ideas to take forward, but it would be even more helpful to get the views of actual customers – all those people who have been to art exhibitions in the past and are thinking about when and whether to go to one now, or in the next few months.

I would really appreciate hearing from as wide a range of potential visitors as possible. People have very different health concerns, levels of interest, attitude to risk, and commitment to art. If you would like to help artists by telling us what you think, do please click on the link to a short Google form.

If you would prefer a quick conversation, please give me, Anna Poulton, a quick ring on 07747 032912

My very personal viewpoint.

As someone who has two close family members shielding I am very aware of the danger of inadvertently passing on Covid 19 to anyone through my actions. Therefore I am reassured by exhibitions doing their very best to keep their exhibiting artist and all visitors safe. I ALSO believe that art is something that is valuable in my life and in the world. We need to support the people who make art, at all levels. I want to do my best to support them and would urge others to do the same at whatever financial level is possible for each of our circumstances. Buying #justacard, a small print, or an original piece of art or commission at this time is much needed to keep original art alive in our community, whether online through a website or Etsy shop, or in person at a local exhibition.

I would love to hear other people’s views through the survey form or in person. If you would like to hear from me occasionally about local exhibitions and events from Living from Art members, I’d be happy to add you to my Art Supporters mailing list.

Anna Poulton


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