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Sian Thomas - Silkmill Art

Watercolourist, inspired by domestic architecture.

I have been drawing, painting and creating all of my life. It has provided me with a sanctuary from the chaos of life and is where I most feel I am able to be myself. My style has evolved and changed enormously over the years into my current slightly quirky style of pen and watercolour.

I live and work in the loading bay of an old silk mill in a Worcestershire village. Although I love to spend time in the natural environment the majority of my work is inspired by architecture, particularly domestic architecture; houses, shops, pubs, garden sheds etc.

Many moons ago I completed a foundation year in art and design at what is now the University of South Wales, but then life got in the way so am largely self-taught. Much of my work is commission based but I find that there are many buildings that I just can’t resist portraying.


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