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Tamsin Stuart

Acrylic and oil paintings bursting with energy and life

If I’m not painting, I’m probably kickboxing! I thank martial arts for giving me the confidence and self-belief to launch my art business. And that is why I love creating movement in my work so much; I want my pieces to have a punch and a sense of being alive.

A former newspaper journalist for 15 years, my favourite themes are birds, wildlife, nature, sport and water, but I’ll have a go at anything that inspires me, working chiefly in acrylic on canvas.

Based in Cheltenham, I’m also obsessed with colour and shape, and finding beauty in simple things. I often present my subjects from thought-provoking perspectives and in heightened states.

Although I have developed two quite different styles of my own (one a more factual interpretation, the other more modern and abstract) the feeling of focused activity is usually present throughout my diverse body of work.

In between commissions, exhibitions and coming up with original compositions, I enjoy extending my range of Tamsin Stuart Art greeting cards, prints and merchandise.

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