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Karen Fitzpatrick

Abstract Landscape Artist

My paintings are an expression of a personal emotional response to a particular time, place, or feeling. Growing up in South Wales I developed a love of landscape and nature and a few years ago was lucky enough to move near the Cotswolds.


I currently work from my home studio in the lovely village of Bredon. I often feel a spiritual connection with nature especially when walking on Bredon Hill. This connection draws me in and compels me to paint. I enjoy using mixed media on canvas or paper. My intention is to create an essence of a moment, evoke a sense of the elements, capture a fleeting glimpse of a colour, or give an impression of shape and pattern in the ever changing landscape.


Colour, marks and texture are important to me when conveying ideas and I enjoy the organic, creative journey of painting. When starting a new piece, I begin with initial unbounded strokes of intuition and spontaneity. I then use paint, collage, inks, and pastels; layering colours and stripping back areas to reveal hidden glimpses from beneath.

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