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Jen Haddrell Art

Digital prints   Custom designs Portraits by Commission

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. I took every available art class in school and later majored in art in my local community college. I planned to attend an art institute but instead found myself travelling the world as a missionary, seeing the wonders of creation with my own eyes. After nearly 10 years I decided to settle down and take up the pen again to try to transfer that beauty onto paper.

In my travels I discovered how beautiful the world and the people within it are. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by stories of darkness and pain, and I sometimes struggle to take my focus off those realities. But I know there is more to the world than that, and there is more good than bad. When I create art I hope people see in it how beautiful and clever even the simplest thing is, rather it’s a sheep, a flower, or a child.

Most of my past art has been portrait commissions, but now I’m also focusing on creating my own unique designs. I’ve mainly moved to digital art now, made on Procreate and printed with a fine art-quality printer. For me, this allows a deeper exploration into colours, patterns, and depths that wouldn’t be possible with a brush or coloured pencils.

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