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Deb Kersley

Drawing, painting and community arts

I'm inspired by daily walks through fields and the messy piles of ‘kipple’ that self-accumulate in my home. Tumble-down sheds and precarious stacks of salvaged materials take on natural forms of their own, as items are precariously piled up. I create studies of abstract and natural structures in colour, shape and tone.


I studied BA (Hons) in Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art in 1990. I have lived in Cheltenham for over 15 years as an Artist, Occupational Therapist, provider of Community Arts activities and childrens’ art classes.


I have exhibited most recently in Cheltenham Artists Open Studios and have a special interest in collaborative community based public art.


I am constantly inspired by the joyful energy that children bring to creativity through play. I aim to use that inspiration in my own approach to artwork and teaching.

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