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Colin Clark

Artist, Illustrator and Author

I focus on the antics of birds and wildlife to explore the humorous side of the creatures we share our surroundings with.


I mainly use pen, ink and watercolour, often working quickly to capture the liveliness of nature and have a keen sense of the need to preserve our natural surroundings for our sake and that of the wildlife all around us.


Much of my writing is aimed at helping those who need to release stress and anxiety from their lives and enjoy an inner life.  The illustrations I create are mostly based in and around woodland and the natural landscape with an emphasis on how important the environment is for our wellbeing.


The mystery and magic of an ancient English woodland is an endless source of inspiration for me and I like to create stories and characters that take the viewer on journeys of discovery and adventure.  I love to see what people make of my paintings, drawings and illustrations and always hope they tell their own stories about them.


Most of my work can be bought as prints although I often sell originals



Unframed Prints - Small (approx 140 x 140mm) - £12.00 + postage

Framed Prints - Small - £22.00 + postage


Unframed Prints – Medium (approx 200 x 200) - £20.00 + postage

Framed Prints – Medium - £40.00 + postage


Originals – priced dependent on complexity, size and subject.


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