Living From Art

Living for Art is a network set up to share ideas, information, support and encouragement to artists and crafters on the vital business of making a living.

Living from Art network meetings are an opportunity to come together and meet others taking the same path. We hope more experienced artists and crafters will come along and share what they have learnt with people just starting out.

For information about future Living From Art events please follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

The meeting allows plenty of time for people to talk informally and share ideas and contacts, usually over some good bread and cheese and plenty of tea or coffee. The Living from Art Facebook group allows us to carry on the conversation between meetings.

Each meeting also has a topic for the evening, which the group has identified as a priority for them. We invite an outside speaker or choose a member of the group with particular expertise to lead this part of the session.

Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter for information about meetings and exhibitions.

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