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Moving on with Living from Art

Almost a year ago I launched Living from Art membership at an Artists' Meet Up at Parabola Arts Centre. I am tremendously proud of all my members - particularly during this Pandemic. I admire not only their skill and creativity, but their resilience and positivity. Living from art is a real challenge and I work very hard to support people to earn the money they need to make the art they love. I believe we are all enriched by having original art and local artists in our community.

I support an incredibly varied group of people, whether they are just starting out to sell some work, have become a full time artist, or are combining making their own art with a whole variety of other things: teaching, child care, community arts projects or an unrelated ‘day job’. Not only do they all have their own skills and strengths, styles and subjects but their personal values – what’s in their ‘stick of rock’ – and their ‘why’ – the reason they make art -have real impact on how they need to shape their careers. Listening to people, to help them work out what feels ‘right for them’ when it comes to selling their work is one of the most challenging and satisfying parts of my role.

I want to make advice, support and encouragement available to everyone – through the Facebook community and the monthly meetings, but Living from Art members are the core group of people who I support regularly and it gives me a real boost when they tell me that their membership is helping them to move forward. Thank you to all these members for sharing their comments.

‘Having Anna to bounce ideas off and to ask those probing questions is incredibly useful; she is a good coach and is brilliant at making you face the things you secretly know you have been running away from!’ Anita Saunders.

‘I have recently joined LFA and found it a fantastic boost with lots of positive resources coming my way. There is lots to digest, but certainly my art has moved forward in a few weeks and I feel much more encouraged about going for it, building it up, and yes, generating more income in the future.’ Elizabeth Oakley

Anna has given me time, experience, contacts/recommendations and manageable step towards achieveble goals. She provides practical business advice and helps to give my creative ideas, dreams, and outputs positive direction! Vicky Jones

‘Living from Art membership has given me access to the right people that are making, marketing and selling art locally. This contact, and the very gentle nudges I receive have helped me begin to focus on turning my passion into a profession.’ Martyn Dymott.

We are finally back at Parabola Arts Centre for another exhibition from 21 – 24 October, but of course we can’t have a large-scale Artists’ meet up under Covid restrictions. Instead I am offering two free sessions for those interested in moving on with Living from Art’

Thursday 15 October 7.00 on Zoom - 6 places

Thursday 22 October 7.00 at Parabola Arts Centre 4 places only

Booking for both of these is essential – tickets at

Whether you are just thinking of selling your art, taking the big step of becoming a full time artist, or feeling stuck and know you need a gentle nudge to move forward, do join me to find out more about becoming a member of Living from Art.

Anna Poulton Living from Art 07747032912


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