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Moving forward with Living from Art

What do you need right now to move forward with making a Living from Art?

Living from Art has had the same vision since Gerald Crittle and I set up the first meeting back in 2015 – to help all kinds of artists earn money from selling their art through advice, support, and encouragement. It’s developed a lot since then, as a membership organisation and as a wider community, but what’s important hasn’t changed: - to welcome all kinds of artists and help each one find what they need to move forward with their art business in a way that works for them.

Many of us are pretty worn down by the challenges of the pandemic, but I hope that our energy and resilience is returning as we look forward to the spring. I’d like to share how Living from Art membership could help you do what you need to do to sell your art in the coming months. Thank you very much to all the artists who have agreed to share with me how Living from Art has been helpful to them. Do have a look at their varied work.

Our Monthly Meetings take place on a Thursday evening. Most have a guest speaker sharing their knowledge or are led by one or more of our member artists. There’s always time for questions and the opportunity to share experiences, even on Zoom. Topics covered range from tax to teaching online; pricing to prints; marketing to merchandise and art materials; social media to successful full-time artists sharing their journey with us. Everyone attending receives materials from the session afterwards. Members of Living from Art receive the materials from each session, whether or not they booked for it. Joining a monthly meeting is a good way of checking out if you would find membership helpful.

“I think you are doing a fab job Anna and I really enjoy your monthly meet ups and the community you are building.” Sarah Brown.

A 1:1 session with me offers you time to focus on where you are going with selling your work, your aims and the most important things you need to do next. For some people, the value is in ‘being heard’. Explaining your ideas to someone you trust helps you clarify your own thoughts.

“Having Anna to bounce ideas off and to ask those probing questions is incredibly useful; she is a good coach and is brilliant at making you face the things you secretly know you have been running away from!” Anita Saunders

“Constructive, understanding, tailored and informed advice; personable and positive person; genuine support and appreciation of art and artists’ mind/life; able to offer time, experience, contacts/recommendations and manageable steps” Vicky Jones

“It was with some resistance that I began to fill in the artists starting point and goal setting forms, but I soon started to enjoy the process of clarifying my vision, identifying where I am now, and setting targets for my next steps. It is so helpful to have a bouncing board for ideas and an outsider’s objectivity and support. Anna communicates and encourages in a way that does not create overwhelm. I feel re- invigorated, and more confident knowing that I have an Anna up my sleeve!” Leah Robinson

There is so much to think about and learn if you are new to selling your art, and you don’t always know ‘what you need to know’. Sometimes I’m the ‘listening coach’ but I’m also an advisor, and sometimes the person to give you a bit of a push – gently!

“I have recently joined LFA and found it a fantastic boost with lots of resources coming my way extremely positively. There is lots to digest; certainly my art has moved forward in a few weeks and I feel much more encouraged about going for it, building it up, and yes, generating more income in the future” Elizabeth Oakley

Help to ‘get your work out there’ is also part of Living from Art membership. I post about members forthcoming events on social media and in my quarterly newsletter to ‘Art Supporters’ and add your events to the Living from Art Calendar. Members are listed on the website and can have their own artists page. I’m also delighted to share Members' blogs on the website.

“Living from Art membership has given me access to the right people that are making, marketing and selling art locally. This contact and the very gentle nudges I receive have helped me begin to focus on turning my passion into a profession.” Martyn Dymott.

Last year – through luck and the ability to move quickly - I was able to offer my members the opportunity to exhibit their work, informally at the Sober Parrot and in the beautiful gallery space at Parabola Art Centre. Fingers crossed, I am hoping for two similar opportunities this year. Through the members’ WhatsApp group we share news about exhibition opportunities and competitions and marketing and listing opportunities.

In times past I have met with many artists over coffee and cake to talk about Living from Art and what membership can offer. I hope to do lots more of this in the future! However, now is an important time for artists to get the boost of confidence and inspiration that Living from Art Membership can give. I am offering two free Zoom sessions, limited to 6 people in each, to talk about what you need to move forward and what is on offer through Living from Art . Do join me on Tuesday 12/3 2-4 OR Thursday 23/3 7-9. Book your place at

Can’t make either session or all zoomed out? ? I’m always happy to talk on the phone. Ring me on 07747032912.

All the very best for 2021/22

Anna Poulton Living from Art 07747 032912


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