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Reaching out to new customers

Putting your work out there - how are you getting on with that at the moment?

I'm a natural reflector. I like to periodically think about where I am and where I want to get to and for me this means taking time to review what’s working and what’s not – and I'm learning that if I want to try something new, what can I stop doing to give me back some time and energy.

I think most/all artists are reflective about their art, but not necessarily as reflective about how they put their work out there. Pour yourself a coffee and set aside some time to reflect on what you are currently doing and what you may want to change to reach out to more people. I hope you will find it a useful process.

How many ways of ‘putting your work out there’ do you use?

Face to Face

· Commercial galleries

· Putting on solo or shared exhibitions in rented spaces

· Open Studios

· Wall space in bars, cafes, offices, care homes etc.

· Arts/ crafts events, stalls, pop up shops

· What else? ……………

On Line

· Social Media- Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, other platforms?

· Your own website, with or without a ‘shop facility’

· Online Galleries – large and small

What has brought you the most custom? Which cost you the most in terms of time and money? How much joy or pain do get from each one? Which approaches ‘stack up’ for you and when is it time to drop something or change how you do it?

There are so many variables that affect any attempt to reach potential new customers: weather, world events, economic situation, other events going on, a World Cup final or a fire engine outside the premises! We need to accept that many things are outside our control and focus on what we can do. I’m not suggesting this can ever be a scientific process, but we can learn a lot from reflection and well as looking at the actual costs of each marketing activity.

I think we also need to look at ourselves. What brings us joy? Where do we feel most comfortable? What do we hate doing, and why? What do we say we should do, but always avoid? What small changes can we make to our mindset that makes reaching out to new customers feel more comfortable?

If you would like some help going through this process do talk to me about a 1:1 session.

There are a very significant number of local artists, all producing lovely work that they want and need to sell. Understandably, given the current economic situation, people do seem to be buying fewer pieces, or have moved towards buying smaller, cheaper pieces of work. (I know this does depend on what your work is like and who you sell to!)

Now is really a time when we must be working harder to reach new people - and finding all the most effective ways for YOU to do this is essential.

Thank you for reading and please give me some feedback

Our meeting on 30 August has guest speaker, Arthur Owen Smith, talking about his plans for a new Online Gallery at SIXTEEN. If you think it's time you were part of an online gallery, go to events to grab your ticket.


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