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Part 2 Identity and Diversity

Having focussed on the importance of community for artists in part one, I still had more to say on identity and diversity - our personal identity, or identities as people and as artists, and the diversity of Living from Art members and the work they produce - so here is part 2!

My aim is to help artists make the money they need from making the art they love - in a way that feels comfortable for them - and we are all different! As an inclusive network, I welcome all artists who are interested in earning money from their art, and who find my support helpful. I'm pleased to have reached a place in my life where I am 'happy in my own skin', think what I offer is valuable to the right person, but it's ok if this means that some people will be looking for something or someone different.

Feeling comfortable with your own identity - as a person and an artist helps you to confidently talk to other people about your work. Even those who feel comfortable with their own 'core values' as a person, often feel far less comfortable talking about the purpose of their work: what is important about their art, why they make it, and what it can give to the person viewing or buying it. Time spent exploring these ideas makes it much easier to talk confidently about the value of your work to potential customers.

I'm delighted that Sue Davies will be leading our meeting on 19 May ( Now on Zoom) Sue will be taking us through a series of exercises to explore 'What's in your stick of rock?' - Being sure of who we are and able to articulate clearly, concisely, and confidently what our work about is a real help to both beginner artists and experienced artists needing to refresh where they are as their art develops

A Diversity of Artists and their Art

I want to support as diverse a group of artists as possible. I am also aware my own identity may influence others and have an impact on how I am perceived. I would certainly welcome more makers, more men, more young artists, and more people of colour. I want to reach out to them all, whilst recognising that being who I am may well influence the people who choose to work with me.

Even if Living from Art members may not be an especially diverse bunch, their work certainly varies in style, content, size, price and the media used. This variety makes our group exhibitions and our members' pages and websites a great place to look at a range of work. I am always very happy to talk to anyone who is not sure what kind of work they want to buy or where to find it.

Here is a taster of this diversity of work from some of the members who have joined since our last exhibition on October 21

Jo Rockley creates paper and card pieces all hand cut and layered concentrating on colour and depth. @jorockleyart on Instagram and Twitter.

I find it incredible that these are all created with a scalpel!

Lucy Bailey creates highly detailed animal portraits full of expression, using colouring pencils and watercolours. I find the texture of the fur amazing!

Sheila Bryant paints in oils and acrylics, and draws with charcoal. Her subjects include landscapes, seascapes, portraits and still life. She has developed her skills over many years and sometimes thinks she is too 'old fashioned'. I think her paintings are incredible! She runs weekly classes in portrait and life drawing.

Sylvia Wadsley's concerns about climate change are the focus of her current work, a collection called 'Thaw' This piece is called Waters Rising.

Dalia Obretin is a Romanian artist and flute player based in Cheltenham. She mainly paints in oils and specialises in portraits of ethereal females with big eyes. She describes her work as peculiar, incorporating elements of mystery, symbolism and surrealism. Instagram @daliaobretin and at

Andrew Bill is a private pilot, surfer, traveller, inventor with many patents worldwide, aerospace engineer and… an artist. He sums up his work as 'painting, flying, surfing….It’s all the same really. It’s just artistic expression and I love it.'

See the range of his work at @flyingfoxartworx on Instagram and Facebook

I am so grateful to have such a wonderful group of artists with such a diverse range of work as Living from Art members. It's is a priviledge to support them all on their business journey. I hope you have enjoyed seeing this small sample of varied work. Do contact me if you would like to know more about the other 40 artists in the network or receive my newletter - for artists or for art lovers. 07747032912jen


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