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Looking back at 2020: Positive Outcomes and Lessons Learnt.

I’m looking forward to our meeting on December 10, for the chance to share experiences (and Christmas jumpers). Zoom is not the same being in the same room, but over the last few months I have got used to making the best of it and do feel I have got to know people in the process. Using breakout rooms to allow people to talk in small groups has been really helpful – now I’ve learnt how to do it!

When I look back at what I’ve learnt over the last year – using Zoom is one of the things I’m definitely proud of. I hate it, but I’ve persevered and been willing to feel incompetent, and out of my depth dealing with technical glitches, and definitely gained something from using it. I’ve also learnt that sometimes it’s worth accepting that the best I can do is not what I would like, but is still worth having.

It’s certainly been a challenging year and everyone has approached it differently. Before we can move on and start to/dare to think about 2021 I believe we need time to look back and reflect and I hope the session will allow us all to start that process by sharing some of our experiences with others.

Anita Saunders, Araminta Fogden and Tony Davie are all lovely people and very modest about their achievements so they are shy to say they have done well in 2020 but I know that they have all responded positively to the different challenges of the year. They have agreed to share some of the things they’ve focussed on during the pandemic. Getting first-hand practical ideas and information from other artists who have ‘walked the walk’ is incredibly useful and all the artists at the meeting will also have valuable experiences to share, so please do join in. Tickets at

Building a committed customer base of people who know, like and trust you, who adore your art and want to own it, and are happy to ‘spread the word’ to their friends and colleagues vital to almost all artists. For many of us, it’s much easier to do this face to face, but increasingly, artists have been trying to reach out and build connections to more people through their websites, social media and blogs. The pandemic has made this just about the only route possible for much of the past year. Similarly, there has been a growing focus on helping customers find and buy work online as well as visiting galleries and exhibitions. The impact of Covid19 has certainly been a catalyst for many artists to spend time developing how they can sell work remotely. It doesn’t surprise me,

therefore, that all three of our guest speakers will be talking about their different approaches to these essential topics. I’m looking forward to ending our year of monthly meetings on a very positive note.

If you have any queries or problems with getting a ticket, need more information or have a particular success you would like to share, do get in touch. 07747 032912

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