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Do you want to know the story?

Does it help you explore the work if you know the artist’s story behind the piece, or do you prefer to make your own connection with it , before hearing from the artist or maybe you never want to know the artist’s thoughts?

I know that people have very different views on this – and not only does it depend on who is looking at the work, but also what kind of piece it is. Also, artists have different views on whether or not to share the story behind the piece.

Before you read any further, please spend a few minutes looking at this picture thinking about what you see and the possible story behind it.  

I hope you didn’t cheat! Now read on to see what the artist wrote about this pece

Snowdrops by Zariq Rosita-Hanif .

‘The Snowdrop piece is so special to me as it was created when I was feeling very low, and lonely during my first winter here. I had been living in the hotel for nearly a year, waiting for my asylum claim to be processed. It was a very wet cold morning. I was walking into town, when I first saw all the snowdrops. I looked them up and learned that Snowdrops symbolise hope. That’s when I knew I could keep going’.


Did reading the artist’s story add to your connection with the work or would you prefer not to have the artists’ information? Please leave your comments. The next time you are in a gallery will you read the information from the artist before or after you have looked for yourself?

Zarik will have work at the ‘New Chapters’ exhibition at Sixteen Gallery from  Friday 26 July – Wednesday 31 July, This is an exhibition of work by people seeking sanctuary in Cheltenham, organised by Cheltenham Welcomes Refugees, one of 4 charities supported by the Mayor’s Charity appeal for 24/25  Do put these dates in your dairy and come along. Find out more about the stories behind the work – before or after you have spent time looking and thinking about what you see, which ever works best  for you.

Anna Poulton - Living from Art and Cheltenham Welcomes Refugees volunteer.


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