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Art workshops and courses online

However much we hope our path to ending lockdown goes smoothly, I think it's likely that it will be quite some time before groups of people from different households can safely meet up in a confined space for several hours. So the only way for artists to use their teaching skills for some time to come will be online. I also think there is a real appetite among many people to enjoy the joy of creating art for oneself and learning new skills whether it’s craft, painting, or drawing. Offering online classes or workshops not only replaces some of the artists’ income lost through the pandemic, it’s another way artists can offer something of great value to us all. I’m really proud that Living from Art has been able to move our monthly meetings online and offer a series of valuable and relevant topics. The session on Thursday 21 May is about teaching art online. Since the start of the pandemic, our guest speaker, Debbie Kersley, has successfully moved her art ad craft workshops for children online.   As well as working out the ‘tech’ to teach online, it’s important to consider how your approach needs to be different for online and face to face teaching. Debbie will be sharing very practical hints and tips about using Zoom and other equipment that may be worth investing in. We will also be talking about how to structure online sessions, how to engage people, provided feedback and both promote and manage discussions and social interaction. Marketing and pricing need just as much attention as planning content, so these topics will be part of the session. The meeting will be all the richer and more relevant as everyone involved shares their own ideas and experiences. And, as always, there will be a few minutes at the end for action planning and the offer of follow up for those who would like it. More details and booking at or Please book by Wednesday evening to get the joining instructions you need. One of the many benefits of online opportunities is that we are no longer limited by geography. I am looking forward to meeting artists outside our normal Gloucestershire/Worcestershire based group. I would also encourage anyone who wants to use this time to develop their own skills or just find pleasure in making art or craft to consider joining an online class or workshop. I am happy to talk about the different kinds of opportunities that might suit you best and pass on details of artists I know who are involved in online teaching. Whether you are an artist/maker or an art lover/enthusiast, do get in touch if you would like to know more. Anna Poulton                     anna@annapoulton                   07747 032912


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